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MB Scientific AB challenging every day to develop and produce best possible instruments for the advanced research. We will keep working hard to produce reliable instruments and assist all our customers in their effort, pushing the front line of science forward, as I believe this helps bringing us all a peaceful and prosperous future.

That´s why our focus is on our customer’s satisfaction, always faithful to them and keep clear responsibility in the company.

Finally, provide the best products with best support to make our customer quickly producing world leading data.


Best Regards

Mitsuse Matsuki,

CEO & Owner of MB Scientific AB



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    New Haven, USA

    This week 13, we have installed our first analyser in USA at Yale University in New Haven, MBS A-1 #0047.

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    MB Scientific AB at Nagoya University in middle of March 2023

    MBS VUV sourse system is now installed at Nagoya University! MBS A-1 analyser + MBS Spin Manipulator with Ferrum detector is soon be ready to reveal the electron-spin information for the various materials. See some picture under "Read more"

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    MBS oven.

    MBS designed vacuum oven is now up running! MBS vacuum parts are cleaner than ever before!

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