Welcome to MB Scientific AB

MB Scientific AB challenging every day to develop and produce best possible instruments for the advanced research. We will keep working hard to produce reliable instruments and assist all our customers in their effort, pushing the front line of science forward, as I believe this helps bringing us all a peaceful and prosperous future.

That´s why our focus is on our customer’s satisfaction, always faithful to them and keep clear responsibility in the company.

Finally, provide the best products with best support to make our customer quickly producing world leading data.


Best Regards

Mitsuse Matsuki,

CEO & Owner of MB Scientific AB



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    Facebook & Linkdin

    We would like to announce that we now have Facebook and Linkdin which can be found in the top right corner of the website. Feel free to visit us on Facebook to get some updates on what's current right now. Greetings MB Scientific AB.

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    Calendar for 2023

    We can happily announce that our calendar for 2023 is now on our Homepage for you to download.

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